Hi, I am Uriah Werner.

I am a wedding photographer and venue owner living in Colorado Spring, with my wife and three children. I believe there is something special about bringing people together to celebrate and enjoy these amazing moments life has to offer. I am here to capture those memories of pure joy and love in the most authentic way possible. I believe connecting with people, and being able to tell their story through my photographs is what makes my style so candid and genuine.

I have been in the wedding industry for over 11 years, and during that time created The Shutter Chef Photography team. Along with this, I have created The Loft Music Venue, The Loft Theater, and Deer Valley Ranch. With my experience in shooting weddings and owning venues, I can give you guidance in bringing your vision to life. I am here to cater to your style, taste, and vision, and give you timeless images that accurately represent and tell a beautiful story of this celebration.